Sometimes we need a little extra push to put leadership theory into practice.

We’d love to run a leadership workshop at your church, to help you better understand the biblical call to public leadership and deepen your knowledge of culture and society.

We’ll shape the content and timings to meet the needs of your community as you work out the opportunities you have for leadership, corporately and individually. Sessions include:

  • The biblical call to public leadership.
  • Culture and society
  • Political and media analysis
  • Developing a leadership plan

Discover how to be a voice for good and a voice for God.

Cost: We don’t charge for events, but you will need to arrange a venue and a donation can be made towards staff costs. It is up to you whether you charge participants or ask for a donation towards the event costs.

Speakers: From the Evangelical Alliance, speakers may include Dr David Landrum, director of advocacy; Abi Jarvis, public leadership coordinator; and Danny Webster, advocacy and media manager. You may wish to consider inviting a local journalist, politician or local Christian in public leadership to contribute as well.

Advertising: While we will promote the event on our website, in public leadership emails and via social media, the most effective way to recruit attendees is for local people to plug it at their churches. We can provide text and images so that you can produce posters, emails to your church and articles for the church notices/magazine.

To make an enquiry, please use our contact form, email or call Abi Jarvis on 020 7520 3853.