In 2017 we collaborated with James Maidment-Fullard at TWR-UK on a 13-episode radio series The Leadership Forum. The series features interviews with church leaders, theologians, public leaders and thought leaders on a variety of leadership topics. You can listen to the series, or download episodes, on their website.

Episode 1: Fear with Michael Harvey

Episode 2: Calling and identity with Ken Costa

Episode 3: Trust with Mark Meynell

Episode 4: Lessons from Churchill, with Jonathan Sandys

Episode 5: Ethics and credibility with Simon Ward

Episode 6: Relationship building with Matt Bird

Episode 7: Culture and public leadership with John Lennox

Episode 8: Servant leadership with Miles Anthony Smith

Episode 9: The public arena and the Kingdom of God with Tom Wright

Episode 10: Political engagement with Michael Wear

Episode 11: Integrity with Jonathan Lamb

Episode 12: Practical leadership with two healthcare professionals

Episode 13: Public leadership with Abi Jarvis and Danny Webster