Public Leadership Advisory Group meets for first time

As we have developed our public leadership programme, we have been extremely blessed by the opportunity to meet with people who are also excited about this work. We recently invited some of these individuals to be part of an advisory group to help shape the future of the programme. The group includes leaders in healthcare, business, leadership consultancy, the Christian third sector, and various parts of the UK church. Last Monday, we met for the first time at the Evangelical Alliance’s office in London.

During our first meeting, we asked the group for their thoughts on how we can support church leaders in equipping public leaders in their congregation. We asked them where we want the Church to be in 10 years, and what practical steps we could take in the next 12 months to help us to get there.

One of the key things mentioned was the need for local churches – and individuals – to be praying for public leaders and to see churches celebrating public leaders within their community. We also need a theological framework for public leaders, building on the idea that belief determines behaviour and most Christians receive much of their teaching from the Church.

Over the next couple of months, we will be producing a small group course to introduce the topic of public leadership in churches that may not have considered it before. Over time, we will build up a church pack that will include resources for Sunday school, youth groups, students, and sermons. We hope these resources, alongside events, will help church leaders to integrate public leadership into their church’s life.

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