CARE Leadership Programme –

The CARE Leadership Programme provides a fantastic opportunity for young graduates to get experience working in public life while developing a Christian worldview through a specially designed training programme. Through voluntary placements in politics or third sector organisations participants learn what it is like to work for politicians or in national and international advocacy organisations. The educational programme is focused on developing a Christian mind and applying the Christian faith to public life. The programme is highly valuable for anyone finishing university and considering becoming a public leader.

LICC – London Institute for Contemporary Christianity –

The vast majority of Christians (around 98 per cent) aren’t in paid church work and spend the vast majority of their waking time (about 95 per cent) in non-church-related activities. What would happen in our nation, in our neighbourhoods, in our schools and clubs and work places, if those 98 per cent were genuinely envisioned and equipped to make a difference for Christ right where they are on their daily frontline?

That’s LICC’s focus: envisioning and equipping Christians to make a difference in God’s world and envisioning and equipping church leaders to help them do this.

Christians in Politics –

Christians in Politics is passionate about encouraging Christians into membership and activism within political parties. Rather than focusing on a particular party’s agenda, its commitment is to a kingdom that is bigger than partisan dividing lines. Christians in Politics is a coming together of Christians on the Left, the Conservative Christian Fellowship and the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum. Both the umbrella organisation and the individual party groups provide resources for Christians wanting to become politically engaged.

The Church and Media Network –

The Church and Media Network exists to build a bridge between the Church and the media. They are in touch with key people from both sectors and their annual conference draws high profile speakers from the Church and the media, as well as media practitioners at all levels. One of their projects is theMediaNet, a network for Christians working in all areas of the media, providing a forum to encourage, support and challenge fellow media professionals in their work and faith.