What is Public Leadership?

Public leadership is about taking responsibility - knowing that we speak and act under the authority of God. It means caring about the place where God has put us, and stepping up, speaking out and engaging in public life. Taking our place as leaders in politics, the media and all parts of society.

The Evangelical Alliance wants the church in the UK to have a strong culture of Public Leadership and we are determined to see God's people become effective voices for good in society. For God and for good in our communities.

Stories of public leaders

When people lead, things change. Across the UK Christians are stepping up and taking responsibility for where God has placed them - and they are transforming their communities. The lives and actions of public leaders show us what can happen when Christians are intentional about developing their leadership and becoming voices for good outside church walls. The stories of men and women who are speaking out where it matters and bringing leadership to society give hope and inspiration for what can be achieved as more people become public leaders.

Whether in politics, media, education, business or the arts, whether leading grassroots campaigns or speaking in the national media, public leaders are ordinary people who God is using. They are people like you who are committed to being a voice for good.

If you would like to contribute your own story of public leadership please contact us.

The Leadership Forum 7: Culture

Resources for public leadership

Public leaders don’t happen by accident. Behind every public leader are many hours, days, months, and often years of hard works and preparation. The Evangelical Alliance wants to support people on that path, and help churches build public leadership into the fabric of their church life.

From resourcing churches wanting to develop public leaders, to supporting those who are stepping up and speaking out, to producing guides on how to do some of the very practical things public leaders often have to do – like work with the local council or speak to the media – we’ll be building up a bank of resources to help you expand the footprint of the Church.

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